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Kathryn Sue Simonton Elementary is a neighborhood school located within the Castlegate community of San Tan Valley, Arizona. Simonton is one of five elementary schools serving students in the J.O. Combs School District; Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. We currently service approximately 450 children in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Being a neighborhood school, we believe it is important to establish a family-type atmosphere where students feel “at home”. Parents and teachers work cooperatively for the overall success of the students, while inspiring a sense of self-discipline and school pride. We want children to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes respectfulness, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and good citizenship skills. We believe engaging in these positive behaviors helps to ensure all students have the maximum opportunity to learn. The teachers and staff of Simonton Elementary are dedicated to improving the academic achievement and educational opportunities of all students.

We pride ourselves in being a technologically advanced school, as each of our classrooms is equipped with computers and interactive Smartboards. Using Smartboard technology, along with the Accelerated Reader Program and Orchard Success Software, students are more engaged while having the opportunity to become active participants in their learning.

Our school provides a wide-range of programs to assist in meeting the needs of our students. These include:

  • Resource and Inclusion Programs (Special Education)
  • E.L.D. (English Language Development)
  • Title 1
  • POPS Preschools and EDP (San Tan) Program
In addition to
In addition to our regular programs, we also provide many before, during, and after school programs or clubs, such as: