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Still have questions we haven't been able to answer on our website? Feel free to contact us. Here's how:

40300 N. Simonton Blvd.
San Tan Valley, AZ 85140

Main Phone: (480) 987-5330
Attendance Line: (480) 987-5331
Fax: (480) 987-5281

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Simonton Staff

Administration & Front Office
Sue Paschal Principal  ext. 5335 Send E-mail
Shawna Scrogham Administrative Assistant ext. 5335 Send E-mail
Jamie Romero Attendance Clerk ext. 5532 Send E-mail
Sonia Ochoa Health Assistant  ext. 5333 Send E-mail
  Program Specialist (E.E x. 1544)  ext. 4305 Send E-mail
Angela Albers Counselor/Social Worker ext. 4304 Send E-mail


 JoAnna Adams
Preschool Para  ext. 4126, 4318  Send E-mail
Tisha Skaggs Preschool Para ext 4120  
 Rebecca Hardy Preschool Teacher ext. 4126, 4318  Send E-mail
 Ruth Jones Preschool Teacher ext. 4120  Send E-mail
 McKenzie Adams Preschool Para  ext 4120  
 Kimberly Brennan SLP  ext 4323  
 Brendan Stynes Program Specialist  ext. 4323  Send E-mail
 Kim Warnke Preschool SLP  ext. 4323  Send E-mail
 Elliot Gory Preschool  Psychologist  ext. 4323  Send E-mail
 Gretchen Scheurich Preschool SLP  ext. 4323  Send E-mail
 Cindy Drew Hearing impaired preschool  ext 4325  


Kari Booth Kindergarten ext. 4306 Send E-mail
Denise Tschoepe Kindergarten ext 4308  
Erin Wagener First Grade ext. 4321 Send E-mail
Mary Spooner First Grade  ext. 4322 Send E-mail
Christa England Second Grade ext. 4319 Send E-mail
Mindy Schimel First/Second Combo ext. 4320 Send E-mail
Sherri Fullerton Second Grade  ext4317  
Cyntha Soto Third Grade ext. 4304 Send E-mail
Debra Willoughby Third Grade ext 4305  
Dana Hendrix Fourth Grade ext. 4408 Send E-mail
Tara Boers Fourth Grade ext. 4411 Send E-mail
      Send E-mail
Amelia Ortiz Fifth Grade ext. 4419 Send E-mail
Karen Avery Fifth Grade ext. 4416 Send E-mail
Cynthia Allred Fifth Grade ext 4417  
Marilyn Kehmeier Sixth Grade ext 4418  
Kelly Lynch Sixth Grade ext. 4421 Send E-mail
Megan Rivera Sixth Grade ext  4420  


 Special Education
Abbe Nino ST 2nd-6th ext. 4422 Send E-mail
Kimberly Gallagher Counselor ext 4425 Send E-mail
Christine Gilbert EDP ext 4424  
Andrew Keefe Resource 4-6th ext. 4427 Send E-mail
Linda Johnson Primary Resource K-3 ext. 4307 Send E-mail



Nathan Lee P.E. ext. 4239 Send E-mail
Patricia Simpson Music  ext. 4241 Send E-mail
Anthony Johnny Band  ext. 4241 Send E-mail
Guido Lavorata Orchestra  ext. 4244 Send E-mail
Patricia Murphy Technology ext. 4406 Send E-mail
Marsha Hilliard Library ext. 4402 Send E-mail
Title 1 Lab ext 4302  


Specialists and Support

Jennifer Bonadio Reading Specialist  ext. 4328 Send E-mail
Joline King Coach  ext. 4316 Send E-mail
      Send E-mail 
Judy Aguilera Crossing Guard     
Alfredo Lemus Combs Kidz ext 4244  
Christina Tway Resource Para ext 4427  
Kathleen Kelly Para w/Keefe  ext. 4420 Send E-mail
Lori Oestreich Resource Para/Crossing Guard  ext. 4307 Send E-mail
Brenda Septer Physical Therapist ext. 4323 Send E-mail
Jamie Haugland ELL/Wed only  ext. 4328 Send E-mail
Autumn Lord Psychologist ext. 4327 Send E-mail
Nicole Haarma Occupational Therapist 
Jennie Ortiz ParaPro-EDP ext. 4422  
Riley Bucko Parapro -EDP ext. 4422  
Kathy Farnsworth Resource Para ext 4422  
Dayne Fox Parapro EDP ext 4420  
Melanie Patterson Para w/ Nino ext 4422  
Sierra Moes
ext 4420  
Taylor Ramirez Para w/Bonadio ext 4328  
Stacy Walag Lead Parapro-EDP ext 4422  
Dale Vincent District Technology ext 4324  
 Helm, Kara  Para ED-P    
Mike Urso Building Manager ext. 4200 Send E-mail
Antonio Vasquez Lead Night Cust. ext. 4200  
Isabel Vasquez Custodian  ext. 4200  



Carrie Yenkala Cafeteria Manager  ext. 5334 Send E-mail
Rachel Wycoff Cafeteria  ext 5334  
Maxima Flores Cafeteria ext 5334  
Paul Hercsek Lunch Aide    
  Lunch Aide    
Kristina Plathe Lunch Aide